Fabian Allmacher

Fabian's approach as Integrity Trainer and Animal Athletics conceptionist matches my way of photographic work. He supports his clients, with his holistic and intuitive approach, to build a relationship between themselves and their bodies again, thus to build strength, mobility and vitality. I try to build a relationship between the viewer and the subject of a picture, and give them something to take away, too. I balance out dissymmetries in the concept of a picture. Fabian, due to his medical background and sound experience, equilibrates not only physical dissymmetries, but also mental and physical imbalances.


I had the pleasure to shoot with him already several times. And every time, if in training classes or personal shootings, I enjoyed the positive spirit around him, his professionality and enthusiasm, but especially his down-to-earth attitude and his patience. I can't remember how often he got to hear: "Argh, could you do this again, sorry!" - thank you, Fabian! 


Fabian Allmacher: 

Integrity Trainer: WWW, Instagram, Facebook

Animal Athletics: Instagram, Facebook

Leica Q (Typ 116)


up to 6000x4000, JPG (B&W) & RAW (full data incl. color)