I can't say I'm against post-processing. It's a useful tool. If you couldn't catch the right moment and you want to crop your pic for symmetry, or if you want to enhance some pics for short-lived media. 

Despite this, you won't find post-processed pics here.

Even the quite strange colors in the analog pics are not a result of post-processing. It's just the outcome of cross-processing. Few things you need to have: slide films, a photo laboratory which still accepts analog, and especially x-pro orders (there are indeed a few left), and patience. Lots of patience, as you never knew how the pics look like until after you paid for the them. And they never looked as expected. 


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Instagram: _.m_o_h._

Lomography: dr_mueller

And What?


Lomo LCA (standard, xpro, instant), Exacta, Holga (120), Lubitel 166


Huawei P9+, Leica Q (Typ 116) mainly